Spotify playlist voting website using Node.js and Firebase

Each year, my friends and I set up a collaborative Spotify Playlist that we all add to which contains what we all consider as a good track for that year.

As the months go by we continually have a go at each other for adding certain tracks that one person might think is trash but the rest of us love.

This lead me to think if I can create something that will allow is to vote on the tracks on the playlist to find out what the best tracks are and then create a new playlist of those best tracks and even create a playlist of just the tracks that I like šŸ˜€.

I did a quick Google just to make sure nobody had done it before and there are a few options out there for playlist voting at parties like Festify but that’s not what I wanted so I decided to build it myself!

The website I’ve created allows you to log in with your Spotify account:

You then select your playlist you would like to vote on:

You then get a list of all the tracks including the ability to play the track as well as a summary of the votes:

You can then up or down vote a track which stores the votes in a Firebase Firestore.

Once all voting has finished you can save a new playlist of your likes tracks or a playlist of the most popular tracks:

The website is here:

I’ve also made the source code available on Github:

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