Mogul Seo Manager log4net Logging For Episerver Version 9

I’ve been building an Episerver 9 implementation for the past few months and I’ve quite enjoyed doing it but it seems nobody decided to properly document the product with good examples since version 7 which means I have to constantly ask the Episerver dev’s around me for help. The same goes for their addons like Mogul Seo Manager. Their online docs are well out of date.

If you want to get logging working correctly for Mogul Seo Manager you need to change the namespace reference that they have in their video demonstration. It should be Mogul.SeoManager not Mogul.Seo.

<logger name="Mogul.SeoManager">
<level value="Debug" />
<appender-ref ref="MogulSeoLogAppender" />

Explaining things over YouTube videos must have been big back in 2012 but it isn’t helpful for developers at all in 2016.

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