SDL Tridion 2013 64 Bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)

Whilst setting up the Content Manager for SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 the installation steps in the online manual aren’t very clear for where to get your ODAC components from.

The steps in the manual say:

Download the Oracle client software from the following location: Download and unpack it to a location of your choice, then start the 64-bit Oracle client installer.

But that took me to a section on the Oracle website to do with Visual Studio which completely confused me.

The ODAC Components that worked great for me were these ones:

I downloaded the 64-bit ODAC 12c Release 4 ( for Windows x64

The downloaded file name is:

You can then install the required items which are Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server and Oracle Data Provider for .NET

This installer also creates your TNSNAMES.ORA file too which is useful. The other installers I used didn’t do this.

Once the installer is finished then restart your server and then you will be able to run the SDL Tridion installer or the Powershell scripts.

These same ODAC components work if you are developing a DD4T or DXA solution locally too.

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